Current Private practice

I currently work in private practice in Hexham and in various outdoor locations in the surrounding countryside.

My work history

Refugee Therapy Centre, Finsbury Park, London

The Refugee Therapy Centre provides counselling / psychotherapy for refugees and asylum seekers. I worked with people who had often experienced severe trauma such as torture and war as well as the profound change of leaving their home country to try to make a life in then UK. I was committed to facilitating their making sense of this shattering of their lives which often includes the disintegration or destruction of everything that was once ‘normal’ for them.

Off Centre, Hackney

Off Centre is a community resource for 11-25 year olds in Hackney which provides counselling, art and drama therapy. I was committed to building trustworthy, respectful relationships with young people who are so often used to being disempowered. It felt particularly important to try to level the power imbalance between young people and me by listening closely to their experience of a very confusing, unfair and often harsh world.

Katherine Price Hughes House (West London Mission)

I worked as a key worker with men who had committed serious offences who were either serving the ends of long prison sentences whilst getting used to life on the ‘outside’ again or visiting the residential setting occasionally whilst serving life sentences.

These men were from a broad range of backgrounds in terms of ethnicity, sexual orientation, age and physical ability and had a broad range of concerns and problems. They had often been judged or written off for some of their actions and seemed to benefit from a trustworthy relationship in which to explore their experiences.

Highbury Counselling Centre (West London Mission)

I worked as a volunteer trainee counsellor at Highbury Counselling Centre with clients who represented the cultural, age, ethnic diversity and material inequality of north London. These clients brought a great number of different concerns.

Islington MIND

I worked as a volunteer trainee counsellor at Islington Mind working primarily with people who had previously been hospitalised due to their often long-term psychological distress. This included that which can be caused by childhood sexual, physical and psychological abuse and neglect.

The Maytree sanctuary for the suicidal

I volunteered as a ‘befriender’ at The Maytree, a short-term residential ‘Sanctuary for the Suicidal’ It felt important to work with people in what might be called existential crisis and to give them the chance to explore this without being judged or persuaded not to take their own lives. I found that listening properly and attentively to these people, and simply spending time with them helped them explore their own way.