Why outdoors?

The many benefits of outdoor counselling can be summarised as ‘people relax outdoors’ Being relaxed can lead to being better able to concentrate or think creatively, so it can be an excellent place for counselling work.

Outdoor counselling often takes longer than an hour and it can include reflective period of quiet. There is also enormous potential for helping us make sense of our lives by using metaphors in nature.

One to one outdoor counselling

This normally includes establishing our counselling relationship indoors first and then agreeing either walk and talk sessions, woodland sessions or a combination of both. Walk and talk can be anything between hour-long walks local to Hexham, or day trips to the Cheviots or Lake district.

I offer woodland counselling sessions in private mixed woodland near Slaley. The owners understand the central importance of confidentiality so we can work very safely there without being disturbed

Outdoor groups, workshops and training

I offer a number of outdoor workshops and training to groups in some private woodland I have access to. As well as beauty these woods offer the essential psychological safety of privacy because the owners understand my needs in terms of confidentiality.

Congruence in and with nature. 16 – 18 September 2016.

I am running a outdoor weekend befriending training course for men in partnership with Northumberland Domestic Abuse Service (NDAS) on the 8th and 9th of October.

What can counselling help me with?

Counselling can help you process many difficult or painful thoughts and
feelings including:

  • Trauma including childhood sexual and physical abuse
  • Concerns about drink and drug use
  • Intimate relationship problems
    • Problems with friend and family relationships
  • Feelings of depression
    • Feelings of anxiety, sadness, worry, anger
  • Feelings of loneliness and isolation
    Low self-esteem and lack of confidence
  • Loss or bereavement
  • Work and career difficulties
  • Existential crises and suicidal thoughts

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