Why have counselling?

It’s a big deal to trust a counsellor. One way to start to find out is to phone me for a brief chat to see how it feels to talk to me. If you are struggling with painful feelings and difficult thoughts then it can help to talk about them in a safe, confidential place with someone who is trained and experienced at listening solely to you. If you feel properly understood you can use this opportunity to explore your difficulties and start to understand them more clearly. This clarity can make it easier to make choices about your life.

Why not speak to friends and family?

Speaking with a counsellor is different to speaking with friends or family because a counsellor is not involved with the rest of your life. They have no pre-conceived ideas about you, will not give advice, judge or compare your experience to theirs. It can be liberating to feel free to talk about anything you need to so confidentially.

What’s it like in your shoes?

All my attention will be on understanding what is going on for you. It can be liberating to have a place to explore your inner world out loud without having to think about how that world might influence me and without being judged by me. It can take a few sessions for us to build this sense of safety together. It is crucial that I am open and honest with you in order to build this trust.

What can counselling help me with?

Counselling can help you process many difficult or painful thoughts and
feelings including:

  • Trauma including childhood sexual and physical abuse
  • Concerns about drink and drug use
  • Intimate relationship problems
    • Problems with friend and family relationships
  • Feelings of depression
    • Feelings of anxiety, sadness, worry, anger
  • Feelings of loneliness and isolation
    Low self-esteem and lack of confidence
  • Loss or bereavement
  • Work and career difficulties
  • Existential crises and suicidal thoughts

Make Contact, Discuss Your Concerns
and See if You’d Like to Work With Me